Private & Positional Training

Private & Positional Training

Reservation Details:

Identify open dates and preferred slots on the schedule posted below and text Katia at 813-784-8555 to request date/time and court preference.

Players Indoor Cost Outdoor Cost
1 Player $70/Player $60/Player
2 Player $50/Player $45/Player
3 Player $40/Player $40/Player
4 Players $35/Player $35/Player

 Reservation and Cancelation:

    • 48 hour cancellation notice necessary to fill spot.
    • If not canceled within the appropriate time frame, parents are still responsible for the cost of the lesson.
      • Please be aware that coaches will travel based sign ups on the calendar.
      • IF OPEN is stated you must have 2-4 girls to reserve spot and may choose the skill

      Payment Details

    • All payments must be payable to Katia at 813-784-8555 using either VENMO, ZELLE mobile payments. 
    • Payment Alternative: Cash or Check in an envelope with Name/Date/Amount. Pay is based on the players signed up for the private.